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Unlocking your cell phone from Unlocker Plus has multiple benefits : It increases the resell value and marketability of your phone by not restricting the resell to a specific carrier, it allows the handset to work worldwide (See What networks are compatible with my phone ?), it eliminates roaming charges by allowing you to switch to a local carrier in the local region

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, introduced an exemption on November 27, 2006 specifically permitting unlocking of cellular devices. The exemption was scheduled to expire on October 27, 2009, but was extended on an interim basis, because the Register of Copyrights had not yet completed its triennial review of DMCA exemptions. In July 2010, the Librarian of Congress extended the DMCA exemption for another 3 years.

The IMEI (i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is used by a GSM network to identify devices attempting to connect to them and therefore can be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network. It’s only used for identifying the device and has no permanent or semi-permanent relation to the subscriber. The IMEI number includes information on the origin, model, and serial number of the device.

IMEI = 14 digits + 1 Check Digit
IMEISV = 14 digits + 2 Digit Software Version Number
IMEI + SV = 14 digits + 1 Check Digit + 2 Digit Software Version Number

The format of the IMEI is AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D, (15 Digits) although it may not always be displayed this way. The IMEISV drops the Luhn CD (i.e. Check Digit) in favour of an additional two digits for the SVN (i.e. Software Version Number), making the format AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-EE. The IMEI+SV incorporates both the check digit and the additional two digits for the Software Verison Number, making the format AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D-EE.

[accordion-item title=”How Do I Find The IMEI”]

On many devices, the IMEI number can be retrieved by entering *#06#, or is located in the battery compartment.

Android : Settings –> About Phone
Blackberry : Options –> Status
iOS : Settings –> General –> About
Sony Ericsson (New Devices) : Options –> status.
Sony Ericsson (Old Devices) : Dial * Right * Left Left * Left

Unlocker Plus

Insert a SIM Card from a different carrier than the one your handset is using. When power up is complete the handset will display a message like those below if it SIM locked :

– Enter Subsidy Code
– Enter Unlock Code
– Incorrect Sim Card
– Insert Correct Sim Card
– Invalid Smart Chip
– Phone Restricted
– Sim Network Unlock Code
– Sim Network Unlock Pin
– Special Code Required
– Wrong Sim Card
– Network Lock Control Key
– Sim Password
– Incompatible Sim
– Enter Subsidy Pin

Unlock those phones from Unlocker Plus


Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a safety function on Android devices introduced from Android OS Version 5.1.1 (Lollipop) and higher. The FRP gives built-in protection which you are able to use to protects your mart device and information in it, including user locks and data encryptions. The FRP lock is activated automatically when a Google account has been enrolled on the smart device and will be unlocked if the Google account is removed from the device before Factory Data Reset or Hard Reset. When the Factory Reset Protection Lock has been activated, it will restrict the use of your device soon after a Factory Data Reset or Hard reset in untrusted conditions. For a brief guide about the Factory Reset Protection.

We have almost all device FRP Google Account Unlocking Service. Please check out our site or contact us on live chat.

Remote Unlocking usually applicable when the device is not asking for any unlock code and only showing Network locked, Invalid SIM, SIM not supported, etc.

These USA carriers are usually requires remote unlocking T-mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, Boost, Verizon, etc.

Also FRP Google account lock and other software repair usually requires Remote Unlocking process.

These are the following requirements for remote unlocking.

  • Windows PC (MAC, Linux, Ubuntu, and Others WILL NOT WORK)
  • USB cable to connect your phone with a PC.
  • A good and stable Internet Connection.
  • Your locked device which is able to connect with your computer.

You will get instant real assistance on live chat till your device unlocked.


Unlock code is used to unlock carrier lock of the device.

If your device is asking for an unlock code to use other carrier sim card. You have to order it’s unlocking service on our website. Within the given time duration you will get the unlock code through email. 

Simply input that unlock code in your device and you device will unlocked permanently.

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Frimpong Darko
Frimpong Darko
Read More
Excellent. This is the most fast and reliable service I have ever got from service. I have struggling for about a month to get my Google account locked out. This guy use less then 10 minutes to remove my Google account locked. I will recommend you to try them.
Steve Ingram
Steve Ingram
Read More
Excellent service Excellent service ! I plugged my s21 into my PC. Followed the links and 10 minutes later no more FRP lock. This is quicker and safer than trying to find the software online. I tried and found nothing but out of date software or software loaded with viruses. A very easy to use service
José Antônio
José Antônio
Read More
Got my phone unlock code within the advertised timeframe. It's simpl easy to put unlock code and now my phone was factory unlocked. First I mistakenly input wrong Imei while ordering but they immediately contacted me and asked me for the correct one imei. There communication system is way much easy and professional. I bookmarked and use them again. Thanks unlockerplus ☺️
Mary Salinas
Mary Salinas
Read More
Wow. Upinya! You guys really did the best job at getting up in my phones brain and putting the pedal to the metal! I'll be a repeat customer for sure now for life! Thank you so much!!! Xoxo- Mary
 Patrick Lung
Patrick Lung
Read More
I have spent almost a week looking for solutions to FRP unlock my a52 5g with no success and these guys did it in a matter of minutes. I will admit, the a52 5g is my kryptonite... I have NEVER met a phone I couldn't frp unlock myself but that phone is a beast!!! Thank you. You guys are awesome!!!!
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