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HTC FRP Unlock All Models Supported
$25.00 $15.00 Unlock Now

HTC FRP Unlock All Models Supported



FRP Unlock Remote Service for All HTC Models Worldwide. Simply Place your order with the IMEI number or model number of your device, Contact us at live chat after place your order or feel free to ask any questions at live chat.

100% Money-Back Guarantee ‚úÖ

  • Have a promo code? You can enter it in the next step.
  • Unlocking Your Device Is Just a Few Clicks Ahead.
Guaranteed Safe Checkout

HTC FRP Unlock Service to bypass Google Account lock for All Android 8 9 10 Version Supported. All HTC Models Supported for Remote FRP Unlocking.

UnlockerPlus Customer Support Priorities.

We deliver the fastest and permanent FRP Unlock (Factory Reset Protection) for your All HTC models. UnlockerPlus offering you the most reliable customer support just connect us through “Live Chat” and begin your HTC FRP unlocking with high-end UnlockerPlus technicians. So far you can apply for the bulk quantity as well and our technician will follow you up.

If your phone is showing “Verify your google Account” you need to bypass it through our services. If you don’t know what is FRP Lock in HTC Phones so Let’s check what is HTC FRP Lock.

What is HTC FRP Lock (Factory Reset Protection)?

Android devices provide built-in security features you can use to protect your device and information, including screen locks and data encryption. Factory Reset Protection (FRP), is a security feature on Android devices with Android OS Version 5.1 (Lollipop) and higher. When you perform a Factory Data Reset, all settings are returned to the factory default settings, and all personal data is erased, including files and downloaded apps.

Once the FRP is activated. it prevents the use of your device after a Factory Data Reset in an untrusted environment. This means if your device is Factory Reset any other way than heading into your Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset, the FRP Lock will be enabled. When you try to start up your device after completing a factory reset in an untrusted environment you are required to log in to the original Google Account in the initial setup.

Why Choose Our HTC Google Account Unlock Service?

  • Unlocker Plus High-End technicians can remotely unlock any HTC FRP Lock with the help of a Remote connection by TeamViewer.
  • FRP Unlock can be done by official HTC Google Account Unlock Servers within a few minutes. So you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • We only complete orders after confirming from the customer that their FRP Lock was successfully unlocked.
  • 100% Full refund if we can’t unlock your HTC Google Account FRP Lock.
  • Check our 4.8 out of 5 Ratings with 98% 5 stars at Unlocker Plus on TrustPilot.
  • Now Google reset protection is available for all SmartPhones with Android OS. But you don’t have to worry about it we have all phones FRP unlock solutions already available. Check this For Samsung FRP Bypass and this for Huawei FRP Unlock. For other brand’s smartphones FRP Unlock, contact us to get your device to unlock.
  • because of our reliable service, you may also check for network unlocking and all other software repair services.
  • Therefore, HTC all new models are also available if you are not getting your product it’s because of so many models and variants so you can find it by contacting us in LIVE CHAT and solve your problems with the ease of simple clicks!.

Bypass FRP lock of HTC Models 

As we all know that HTC security is too tight. Especially about HTC S-OFF things if you are an HTC old user then you are aware of it. Because of their highly secured devices, people can’t easily bypass their own Gmail from any HTC FRP Locked Device. The only solution right now is the servers that perform the job for you to Unlock your HTC FRP Lock.

Our High-End technicians are using official servers to bypass your HTC FRP Lock. This Service can easily bypass any HTC Device FRP Lock within a few minutes.

What if my HTC FRP Locked model is not on the list?

Answer: Many Other HTC FRP Bypass Models Also Supported. If your phone is not on the list kindly ask us on our LIVE CHAT we will assist you.

What if I can’t understand the procedure ??

If any Difficulties Kindly Feel Free to ask questions on our LIVE CHAT.

Simple Easy and Fastest Unlocking Service ever TA-DA!

All Models Supported For HTC FRP Unlocking

This service will allow your HTC phone to bypass the Previous Owner FRP Google Account Lock. 

You can sign in with your own Google Account after using this service.

   For us to perform the REMOTE UNLOCK, you will need:


You need the following requirements to unlock your HTC phone.

  • Windows PC (MAC, Linux, Ubuntu, and Others WILL NOT WORK)
  • Data Cable to connect the phone with PC.
  • The phone must be on stock software/firmware unless we instruct otherwise.
  • Stable internet is mandatory to service your phone instantly.


  • To unlock your HTC FRP Lock, just click Add to Cart.
  • While ordering type your HTC IMEI and Model Number.
  • One of our technicians will instruct you on an easy way to connect with us.
  • Particularly we will start processing your phone once our team ready and will contact you asap.
  • Specifically, the process will take about 10 to 20 minutes max based on your INTERNET.


All Released and Upcoming HTC Models Supported.

Some New models added for HTC FRP reset support.

HTC Desire 12s FRP Bypass | HTC Exodus 1 FRP Unlock
U12 life   |   U12 life   | U12+ (HTC Android 10 FRP Unlock Supported)
U12+       |   Desire 12+ | Desire 12 (HTC Android 9 FRP Unlock Supported)
U11 Eyes   |   U11+    | U11+ (HTC Android 10 FRP Unlock Supported)
Desire U11 Life   | U11 Life   | U11 (HTC Android 9 FRP Unlock Supported)
U11    | One X10 (HTC Android 10 FRP Unlock Supported)
U Ultra (ocean note)  |  U Play    |  Desire 650 (HTC Android 8.0 Oreo Google Account Unlock Supported)
Desire 10 Pro | Desire 10 Lifestyle | One M9 Prime Camera (HTC Android 7.0 Nougat FRP Unlock Supported)

Factory Reset Protection bypass 100% permanent solution for all new and old HTC models.

  • One X9 (dual sim) _e56ml_tuhl¬† /¬† ONE M9+ _himar2uhl¬† /¬† Desire 820 _a51tuhl (HTC Android 8.0 OREO¬†Google Account Unlock Supported)
  • Desire 816 _a5ul¬† and Desire 816 (dual sim)¬† _a5dwg¬† ¬†/¬† Desire 816 (dual sim) _a5dug (HTC Android 7.0 Nougat FRP Unlock Supported)
  • HTC Desire 816 (dual sim) _a5dugl¬† ¬†and¬† Desire 816 _a5chl¬† ¬†/¬† Desire 626 _a32ul_emea (HTC Android 7.0 Nougat FRP Unlock Supported)
  • Desire 816 (dual sim)¬† ¬†_a5dwgl¬† /¬† Desire 10 Lifestyle¬† _a56djuhl¬† ¬†/¬† Desire 826 (dual sim) _a52dtul
  • HTC Desire 825 (dual sim) _a56dugl¬† ¬†and¬† Desire 825 _a56uhl¬† ¬†/¬† Desire 650¬† _a17uhl
  • Desire 10 Lifestyle¬† ¬† _a56djuhl¬† ¬†/¬† Desire 816 (dual sim)¬† _a5dwgl¬† ¬†/¬† Desire 826 (dual sim)¬† _a52dtul (HTC Android 10 FRP Unlock Supported)
  • One A9¬† ¬† _hiaetuhl¬† ¬†/¬† Desire 520 _a12ul¬† ¬†and¬† Desire 530¬† _a16dwgl HTC Android 6.0 FRP Unlock Supported
  • Desire 530 _a16ul¬† /¬† HTC10¬† _pmec2tuhl¬† ¬†/¬† One M8 (dual sim)¬† _m8dugl HTC Android 9 FRP Unlock Supported
  • Bolt¬† _acauhl¬† /¬† Bolt¬† _acawhl HTC Android 7.0 Nougat FRP Unlock Supported
  • U Play _alpine_uhl¬† ¬†/¬† U Ultra¬† _oceuhl¬† ¬†/¬† U Ultra¬† _ocedugl HTC Android 9 FRP Unlock Supported
  • HTC10¬† ¬† ¬† _pmeuhljapan¬† /¬† One M8 (dual sim)¬† ¬† _m8dug
  • One M7¬† _m7ul¬† /¬† Desire 626s¬† ¬† _a32e¬† and¬† Desire 626s (AT&T)¬† _a32eulatt
  • Desire 612¬† _a3qhdcl¬† /¬† Desire 626s (Verizon)¬† _a32ewl¬† /¬† Desire 626s (Verizon)¬† ¬†_a32ewlpp
  • One M8 (verizon)¬† ¬† _m8wl¬† /¬† One M7 (Verizon)¬† _m7wlv¬† /¬† One M8¬† _m8wlv
  • One M8¬† _m8vzw¬† /¬† ¬†One M8¬† _m8ul¬† ¬†/¬† One M8 _m8_whl
  • Desire 610 _a3¬† and¬† Desire 610¬† _a3tl¬† /¬† Desire 828 (dual sim)¬† ¬†_a51bml_dtul¬† and Desire 828¬† ¬† _a51bml_tuhl
  • HTCDesire 628 (dual sim)¬† ¬†_v36bml_dugl¬† / ¬†Desire 510 Mini¬† _a11chl
  • Desire 626s (Claro) _a32eul_la¬† /¬† ¬†Desire 610 _a3ul¬† /¬† Desire 820¬† _a51ul
  • HTC One M8 FRP Bypass (Sprint)¬† _m8whl¬† /¬† Desire 626s (Sprint)¬† ¬† _a32ewhl
  • HTC One M9 FRP Unlock¬† ¬† _himaul¬† /¬† Desire 510 (Cricket)¬† _a11ul8x26
  • Desire 820¬† _a51dtul¬† /¬†Desire 320¬† ¬† _a32mg_dug
  • HTC Desire 620G (dual sim)¬† _a31mg_dug¬† / ¬†Desire 816G (dual sim)¬† _a5mgp_dug
  • Desire 820G Plus (dual sim)¬† ¬† _a50mgp_dug¬† / ¬†Desire 816G¬† ¬† _a5mgp_u
  • One ME (dual sim) _hima_ace_ml_dtul¬† / ¬†Desire 210 (dual sim)¬† _v0_dug
  • Desire 530¬† _a16wl¬† /¬† HTC Bolt¬† _acahl¬† and Desire Bolt¬† _acaul
  • One M9¬† _himawl¬† and¬† One M9¬† _himawhl¬† ¬†/¬† ¬†One M9¬† _himaulatt¬† / ¬†Desire 626s¬† ¬† _a32eul
  • One M9¬† ¬† _himauhl¬† ¬†/¬† ¬†One X9 (dual sim)¬† ¬† _e56ml_dtul¬† /¬† ¬†Desire 728G (dual sim)¬† _a50cmg_dwg
  • One E9 Plus (dual sim)¬† _a50cmg_dwg¬† /¬† ¬†Desire 728¬† _a50cmg_dwg¬† /¬†Desire 820s (dual sim)¬† _a50cmg_dwg
  • One E9 (dual sim, TD-LTE)¬† ¬† _a53ml_dtul¬† /¬† ¬†Desire¬† Desire 728 (dual sim)¬† ¬†_a50cml_dtul
  • One E9s (dual sim, TD-LTE)¬† ¬†_a50aml¬† ¬†/ ¬†HTC10¬† ¬†_pmeuhl
  • One A9¬† ¬† _hiaewhl¬† /¬† ¬†One A9 _hiaeuhl and One A9¬† ¬† _hiaeul
  • HTC 10¬† ¬† _pmewl¬† and¬† HTC10¬† ¬† _pmeuhl
  • Desire 526G¬† ¬† _v02_dug¬† ¬†/¬† ¬†Desire 816G¬† ¬† _a5mg_dug¬† ¬†/¬† ¬†Desire 320¬† ¬† _v01_u
  • HTC Desire 310¬† ¬† _v1_u¬† ¬†/¬† ¬†Desire X¬† ¬† _protou¬† /¬† ¬†Desire C¬† ¬† _golfu
  • Desire 500¬† _z4u Desire 300¬† _g3u¬† /¬† One M8¬† ¬† ¬† _m8¬† /¬† HTC One M7C 802w (dual sim, W-CDMA/GSM)¬† ¬† ¬† _m7cdug
  • One M7 (Sprint)¬† ¬† _m7wls¬† and¬† One M7C 802t (dual sim, TD-SCDMA/GSM)¬† ¬†_m7cdtu
  • One M7C 802d (dual sim, CDMA2000-EVDO/GSM)¬† ¬† _m7cdwg¬† /¬† ¬†Desire 510¬† ¬† ¬† _a11ul¬† / ¬†One M7¬† ¬† _m7
  • Desire 610¬† ¬† ¬† _a3qhdul¬† /¬†One M8s¬† ¬† ¬† _m8qlul



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