WhatsApp Numbers Found on Google Search

Since the usage of WhatsApp is in billions nowadays. Before some years ago, WhatsApp introduced the end to end encryption for consumer safe and secure experience. Hunter of this Bug Bounty is Athul Jayaram, who first recognized this issue. the phone numbers “leaked”. He informed WhatsApp about this security bug that puts WhatsApp users’ privacy at risk. Further, Anyone can check that WhatsApp Numbers Found on Google Search. So do you know that your WhatsApp number may Available Publicly on Google Search? let’s start.

The relation between WhatsApp and Google

People have much awareness about scams and fraud nowadays. But in this situation, the consumers of WhatsApp may be unhappy. Because they think that their data or their WhatsApp numbers are showing publicly on google.

But before we demonstrate how WhatsApp numbers Found on Google Search. Let me confirm to the WhatsApp Consumers that you don’t have to worry about. Because researchers found only almost 300,000 WhatsApp numbers on Google Index. We also personally searched many of WhatsApp numbers on google but many of them are not found on google. If you have some little knowledge about the secret search terms of google then you can check yourself that thousands of WhatsApp numbers are on Google Search Index. Not only WhatsApp number but you can also check the profile pictures as well. By simply click that links on the google index. We attached referenced images.

Whatsapp Invite Link Crawled By Google Might Cause

So here we can discuss the main cause of that breach or bug.

The first cause which we may think that google crawled the data from numerous websites, Social Medias and other platforms where consumer shared the link of their WhatsApp number click to chat which allow users to chat without saving the WhatsApp number. This WhatsApp chat system allows users to communicate without any hassle just by clicking the link. But on the other hand, is this really that WhatsApp didn’t exclude their https://wa.me domain on Google Webmaster. That doesn’t make sense! So let’s jump to the second cause.

Second cause: it may be a new feature by WhatsApp for the customers who shared their WhatsApp number on public websites, social media, or any other platform, and WhatsApp allows them to crawl by Google Index.

Third cause: Maybe it is a bug which will be fixed by WhatsApp soon.

There are many other bugs and lack of features which may need to improve

So this is the latest bug or feature but the old one is you can also search WhatsApp groups invite links and WhatsApp API direct message links as well. Means if someone shared the group invite link or any WhatsApp API direct message link on any platform where google allowed to crawl then most likely your link id available Publicly on google search.

There are many further issues that many customers are facing using WhatsApp. Some of them are as below:

Many users are using more than hundreds of WhatsApp groups and that’s compulsory for their marketing and many other purposes but on WhatsApp, there is no option to hide or make any other section for groups to clean the list of chats because groups are updating on every minutes and users want the different option to access the groups and different option for a chat as well.

Second and the most vulnerable issue in WhatsApp groups which cause many privacy breach issues, many users demanded that WhatsApp have to include an option to hide all contacts from users invited on groups because many small business owners using Whatsapp to update their customers in groups easily and most of their customers can easily grab the list of customers of the owner of that group and can use it for their marketing purposes. In this situation, Telegram is first priority for the users because they offer channels instead of groups which allows users to secure their customer’s data efficiently. For example, check that link of our Telegram Network Unlocking Services Channel. although both WhatsApp and Telegram have their own quality and features. So we are not here to blame any of them or to praise any of them.

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